What is Deep Tissue Massage and What does it entail?

Deep tissue techniques build upon the foundation of Swedish Massage. The massage uses body weight and double handed techniques to apply more pressure to work on the muscle and connective tissue below the fascia. The techniques can involve the use of elbows to assist in the effective breakdown of adhesions. 

Deep Tissue Massage performed by Male Therapist, MasseurAdhesions are more commonly known as knots although the muscle fibres aren't tangled. The muscle fibres adhere to each other reducing movement and inturn can be responsible for pain and inflammation. Other techniques such as stripping involve running pressure along the muscle fibre.

Deep Tissue Massage by nature can be a moderately uncomfortable massage, with some soreness remaining up to 48 hrs after the massage treatment. The benefits however can be great. Deep Tissue Massage can provide greater movement and reduce inflammation and pain in the muscles. The deeper work can also give a larger feeling of relaxation and manage stress held in the muscle groups.


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